Our hotplates are in compliance with all actual EN regulations, CE marked and certified in most relevant European laboratories.

Quality controls are provided at 100% of the products at 2 stages. The first control is during the manufacturing process (in process tests), and the second is the final control (routine tests) when the products are finished. All tests are in compliance with actual EN regulations, with reference testing values even much more restrictive than requested.

Each year, our manufacturing facilities are the subject of the unannounced control by the experts of the relevant European Certification Body.

Statistics of official complains from our customers show only 1 or 2 pieces with complains in 5.000 – 10.000 delivered hotplates (maximally 0,02% – 0,04%). Also this extremely minor number of pieces with complains have worked for many months before complain happened. We could say that practically complains to our hotplates do not exist.

With a lot of knowledge and experiences, modern technology, the best quality materials, and strictly quality control, we have provided to our customers the highest quality hotplates with extremely long life time.

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